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Tech Week in Review: May 13, 2011

Each week, I come across many great global technology stories that don’t find their way onto the radio program, or the podcast. Usually, I put the links aside for possible follow-up later. And then it struck me; what a waste! I’m gathering these links all week, so I might as well share them with all of you. So, here is the first of what I hope are many “Tech: Week in Review” posts. If you come across any stories that you think should be added, or would like to see included in an upcoming post, you can leave the information in the comments section below, or send it along to me via Twitter or Facebook. This week, we’ve got a prototype of a phone that’s as thin as paper. But first, we start with a story on Solar Impulse, a Swiss project that hopes to fly a completely solar-powered plane around the world by 2014. Today, they’re attempting their first international flight from Switzerland to Brussels.

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