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Creation: A Conversation with Darwin’s Descendant

Forum 9: There's a new movie out about the life and works of Charles Darwin. His great great grandson and biographer Randal Keynes talks to us about Darwin's life and legacy. more »


Tackling the Global Organ Shortage

Forum 8: There's a global shortage in organs available for transplants and a thriving black-market for organs. How do we reduce that shortage? We talk with Dr. Mustafa Al-Mousawi to find out. more »


Music on Your Brain

Forum 7: Are humans hard-wired to appreciate music? How did music come to play such an important role in our lives. Talk with neuroscientist Daniel Levitin to find out. more »


Preventing Future Bhopals

Forum 6: A quarter century after the worst industrial accident in Bhopal, India toxic chemicals still threaten lives in the developing world. What can be done to safeguard the public such from toxic hazards? more »


Making Technology Work — for People

Forum 5: What can be done to make technology work better for the people it's meant to serve? A conversation with Anu Ramaswami of the University of Colorado, Denver. more »

  May Berenbaum

DDT vs. Malaria: The Lesser of Two Evils?

Forum 4: DDT is being used to fight malaria in Africa, but is that wise? Join our conversation with entomologist May Berenbaum. more »

  Julian Wong

China: Global Warming Savior or Sinner?

Forum 3: China burns more coal than any other country. It's also a leader in solar energy. So is China an environmental villain or savior? We talk to Julian Wong. more »

  Richard Wrangham

BBQ Begets Bigger Brains

Forum 2: Richard Wrangham, author of “Catching Fire,” argues that our ape ancestors became human because they learned to cook. Join Wrangham in an online chat.Forum more »


Decisions, Decisions

Forum 1: We talk to Jonah Lehrer, author of "How We Decide.” He examines how humans make decisions, from choosing breakfast cereals to waging wars. more »