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Tweets and Germs, Science of Autobiographical Memory

Podcast 161: The promise and challenge of monitoring infectious diseases online. Waste water from oil drilling can cause earthquakes. And the new science of autobiographical memory. more »


Kids Improve Lives in Kolkata Slums, Mummies with Heart Disease

Podcast 160: CT Scans of mummies from around the world show they had heart disease. Can Japan move beyond nuclear energy? An organization in Kolkata, India harnesses the optimism of kids to create change. more »


The Science of Predicting Earthquakes, My Favorite 2012 Stories

Podcast 159: A conversation with British seismologist Roger Musson about his new book on the science of predicting earthquakes. And a collection of my favorite stories in 2012. more »

  An ancient bowl features a turkey. (Photo: Amerind Foundation)

Origins of the Turkey, Restoring India’s Riverbanks, Clever Dog Lab

Podcast 158: Your thanksgiving turkey is not as American as you may think. Austria's Clever Dog Lab investigates the roots of canine personality. And efforts to restore a riverbank in urban India. more »

  Deer mice infected with Hanta virus pass the pathogen on to humans either through direct contact, or droppings. (Photo courtesy of C G-K/Flickr)

The Threat of Zoonotic Diseases, Boosting Kids’ Brainpower

Podcast 157: David Quammen on his new book, Spillover:Animal Infections and Human Pandemics. An Oxford researcher tests a way to boost kids' brainpower. And a white whale that mimicked humans. more »


Conservation Drones, Sounds of the Earth’s Magnetosphere

Podcast 156:Drones help conserve endangered Sumatran orangutans. Sounds of the Earth's magnetosphere. Farm chemicals may be causing the mysterious kidney disease in Sri Lanka. more »


Ancient Mayan ‘Place of Bats,’ Clean Cookstoves in Uganda

Podcast 155: Ancient Mayan temple discovered in 'Place of Bats.' Bats and an ancient Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. Clean cook stoves help protect women and the environment in Uganda. more »


Saving Turtles in Cyprus, Life Expectancy-The Grandfather Effect

Podcast 154: Sea turtles caught in political rift in Cyprus. Who were the ancient artists in Spain's El Castillo cave? Your grandfather's age when your father was born could influence your longevity. more »


Plastic in Our Oceans, Drones Track Eco-Criminals in Italy

Podcast 153: An update on how much plastic is in our oceans and how it may be affecting marine ecosystems. Drones track mafia eco-criminals in Italy. A rare interview with Neil Armstrong. more »


Gabon’s Historic Schweitzer Hospital, Climate Change in Mongolia

Podcast 152: Historic Albert Schweitzer hospital in Gabon adapts to new Africa. Climate change threatens the lifestyle of nomadic herders in Mongolia. more »