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GM Foods in Europe, Organic Food Industry, Ancient Brown Shoe

Podcast 71: Germany's schizophrenia about genetically modified foods? The need to regulate the organic food market. An old Armenian shoe from the Copper age. A paleo-climatologist's favorite music for work. more »


Baboons in Vineyards, A Guatemalan Sinkhole, Termite Bite

Podcast 70: Baboons raid South African vineyards. A Guatemalan sinkhole. Russia begins simulation of its manned mission to Mars. An anthropologist talks about her work and how music fits into it. more »


A Controversy Over Commercial Whaling, Racial Bias & Empathy

Podcast no. 69: Should small-scale commercial whaling be legalized? Unconscious bias affects our ability to empathize with people of different racial origin. Locust brains get bigger in swarms. Air traffic emissions. more »


Termites on Kenyan Savanna,Treating Mental Illness in Sudan

Podcast 68: Termites are key to the savanna ecosystem in Kenya. People in Sudan are combining spiritual healing with modern Western-style psychiatrists. Transgenic cotton suffers a setback in China. more »


Globalizing American Psyche, Reburying Copernicus

Podcast 67: A West African community in New York deals with its mentally ill members. Author Ethan Watters argues America is exporting its notions of mental illnesses. Copernicus gets a reburial ceremony. more »


Lizard Extinction, Oil in the Deep Ocean, Neanderthals and Us

Podcast 66: A new study suggests that global warming is threatening the world's lizard species. A team of researchers study the impacts of oil in deep ocean environment. Neanderthals and humans interbred. more »


Elephants Cry “Bee-ware!”, Oil Spill & US Climate Policy, Asian Carp

Podcast 65: Elephants are afraid of bees. The oil spill in the Gulf coast may impact U.S climate policy. Efforts to rename an invasive Asian fish. The genetics of regenerating worm heads. more »


Raptors in Beijing and other Cities, Roman Ingots, Asteroid Water

Podcast 64: Raptors are struggling to survive in Beijing, while they're starting to adapt in other cities around the world. The stories are linked to the online discussion about urban raptors over in our Science Forum. more »


Volcanic Ash’s Health Effects, Future of Mars Exploration

Podcast 63: The WHO warns Europeans about potential health effects of volcanic ash. Could there be an international space race to Mars? Psychosomatic disorders among Haitian quake survivors. more »


Special Podcast on Global Food Security

Podcast 62: A deadly disease is threatening the world's wheat crop. A scientist is developing plants with more efficient root systems. U.S researchers use satellite images to forecast famine around the world. more »