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Beyond Copenhagen, Mammograms Around the World

Podcast 41: Looking at international climate negotiations post-Copenhagen. International recommendations on mammograms. China is looking to remove some dams on the Yangtze River. more »


Naming Planets in Hebrew, Toward Copenhagen, Mayan Daily Life

Podcast 40: Danish Climate Minister on new climate treaty. The Israelis are trying to give Hebrew names to Uranus and Neptune. And environmentalists are trying to get wildlife of the Vietnamese menu. more »


Swine Flu in the Amazon, Fixing Technological Fixes, Tsavo Lions

Podcast 39: Swine flu spreads far and wide. A story about bringing renewable energy to the rural poor in Nicaragua. And a conversation with engineer Anu Ramaswami about why technological fixes often fail. more »


Nile Delta, Humming Bears, A Jurassic Sea Monster

Podcast 38: Nile Delta is among the top three places at risk from rising seas. American researchers find that Black Bears hum. Male French Brown bears short of females. And a Jurassic Sea Monster fossil. more »


Cyprus Water Woes, Conservation Refugees, Saving Kenya’s Lions

Podcast 37: Cyprus is facing dire water shortage. Conservation movement has created many refugees. Kenya is proposing a controversial plan to save its lions. more »


Swine Flu Vaccine, Mother-to-Daughter Cancer, Vegetarian Spider

Podcast 36: Responses to swine flu vaccine differ on either side of the Atlantic. A mother passed cancer cells to her fetus. Dyslexia more complex among Chinese speakers. more »

  boat Bang

Bangladesh Protects Against the Sea, China Promotes Creativity

Podcast 35: Bangladeshi farmers protect their land from rising sea levels. China promotes creativity. Queen Victoria's descendants had hemophilia B. Saturn's giant ring. more »


Ancient Human Ancestor, Ig Nobel Awards, Champagne Bubbles

Podcast 34: Meet Ardi, an ancient human ancestor. Bubbles are key to Champagne's flavors. This year's Nobel contenders -- and Ig Nobel winners. China's inventive past. more »


Monarch Navigation, Whale-eating Worms, UN Climate Summit

Podcast 33: World leaders meet at a UN climate summit. India promises to cut carbon emissions. Worms feed on dead whales. A new clue to monarch butterfly migration. more »

  T rex

Tiny T. Rex, Low-Carbon World Tour, Iceland Buries CO2

Podcast 32: A fossil find from Inner Mongolia. French President wants a carbon tax. A Londoner sets out on a low-carbon world tour. Iceland pumps CO2 underground. more »