Technology Podcast

Clark BoydEach week, The World’s Clark Boyd brings you our Technology Podcast. He takes you on a spin through the best global technology stories around, where the focus is not on gadgets or gizmos, but rather the people behind those gadgets and gizmos. Here is where you can find show notes from recent episodes. Sample from six years of our Technology Podcast archive below, or via this RSS feed.


Gaming and Genomics

Technology Podcast 362: Can an online game help scientists better understand DNA? Some Canadians think so. They've created a game called Phylo, and you can hear more about it in this week's podcast. more »


The Spanish Enigmas

Technology Podcast 361: This week, we take you to Spain to hear about a pair of code-breaking Enigma machines from the Spanish Civil War that were recently found in a locked basement. Also, an appreciation of that much-loved instrument, the Theremin. more »


Can Tech Help Save the Greek Economy?

Technology Podcast 360: This is Vassilios Makios, General Director of a high-tech start-up incubator in Greece. Makios isn't letting a little thing like a financial crisis get in the way of high-tech in Greece. more »


The Way-C: The Tablet Designed in Africa

Technology Podcast 359: As people line-up worldwide for the new iPad, we'll tell you about the Way-C, a tablet computer designed in Africa. more »


Care for some Raspberry Pi?

Technology Podcast 358: This week, we give you a slice of Raspberry Pi, a new $35 computer that's just gone on sale. Wash it down with LuminAID, the inflatable, rechargeable solar lantern! more »


WTP B-side, Vol. 9: Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

Technology Podcast 357: We step back in time for this B-side episode. In 1997, Deep Blue, IBM's chess-playing computer, beat World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in a match held under tournament conditions. Listen in as two witnesses remember the match. Oh, and there's something fun about Stonehenge after that. more »


Spider Web Strength: It’s More Than Just The Silk…

Technology Podcast 356: Spider silk is as strong as steel. Literally. But some new research shows that a spider web's power lies in more than just strength. There's also its stretchiness... more »


Scientists Create Magnetic Soap

Technology Podcast 355: This week's podcast not only has magnetic soap, but also an invisibility cloak and yet another plan to save the Italian city of Venice from sinking. Oh, and some EU online privacy news, too. more »


Building a Better Ash Detection System

Technology Podcast 354: We'll tell you about technology being developed to help pilots and air traffic controllers navigate around the dangerous ash clouds formed by volcanic eruptions. more »


Sweden’s File-Sharing Religion

Technology Podcast 353: On this week's program, we hear about Sweden's newest legal religion. Kopimism enshrines the values of copying and sharing information, particularly online. Sweet faith or dangerous cult? Listen in and decide. more »