Technology Podcast

Clark BoydEach week, The World’s Clark Boyd brings you our Technology Podcast. He takes you on a spin through the best global technology stories around, where the focus is not on gadgets or gizmos, but rather the people behind those gadgets and gizmos. Here is where you can find show notes from recent episodes. Sample from six years of our Technology Podcast archive below, or via this RSS feed.


WTP B-Sides, Vol. 8: The Diamond Light Source

Technology Podcast 352: New Year, New Podcast. In this B-side episode, we take you inside the UK's national synchrotron - the Diamond Light Source. Epic. more »


Laptops From the Skies

Technology Podcast 351: The One Laptop Per Child project looks set to try an interesting distribution method in the new year. It wants to use helicopters to drop, literally, laptops and tablets into far flung communities around the world. The idea is to see how people respond to the machines. more »


New Rules for Chinese Microbloggers

Technology Podcast 350: This week, we look at the Chinese government's decision to make microblog users hand over their real names. We'll also hear about the need for a smartphone app that can detect malaria, HIV and tuberculosis in the developing world. more »


Helping Amputees Fight Phantom-Limb Pain

Technology Podcast 349: This week you'll get to meet Katherine Bomkamp, who at the age of 16 was inspired to find a way to help amputees suffering from phantom limb pain. Now she's 20, and she tells you about the Pain Free Socket. more »


Soft Robots Take Cues from Nature

Technology Podcast 348: This week, we hear about a new breed of soft, squishy robots that have been developed by researchers at Harvard. These bots take their cues from starfish and worms, not the Terminator. more »


WTP B-Sides, Vol. 7: Iconic Geometry of The Great Pyramid

Technology Podcast 347: In the latest of our "B-side" podcasts, structural engineer Cecil Balmond journeys to Egypt to explore the iconic geometry of the Great Pyramid of Giza. more »


The Kiira: Uganda’s Electric Car

Technology Podcast 346: This week, meet Africa's entry into the electric vehicle market. This is the Kiira, designed and built by Ugandan students. Is it a great proof of concept for African science and technology, or a gigantic waste of money? more »


Celebrating Everyday Tech Genius

Technology Podcast 345: This week, we give you a taste of a new exhibit at London's Science Museum that takes a look at the tech genius behind everyday things like bubble wrap and rubber bands. And speaking of taste, we also have an item on a Danish effort to build a better tongue. more »


Britain’s First Public Hydrogen Filling Station

Technology Podcast 344: This week, we talk about Britain's first hydrogen filling station. Also, the $35 tablet computer from India, conflict minerals in Congo, and solar power in Israel. more »


Mr. Mummy

Technology Podcast 343: Former taxi driver Alan Billis agreed to be mummified upon his death. We'll hear from the man who did the procedure, and find out what he hopes to learn about the ancient tools and techniques used by the Egyptians to preserve their dead. more »