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Promoting Happiness as Public Policy

Forum 39: Canadian public health expert Michael Pennock helped Bhutan create a Gross National Happiness Index. He's now helping other governments track and promote wellbeing. Join this Science Forum discussion. more »


How to Kill a Killer Disease

Forum 38: A global vaccination campaign eradicated smallpox more than thirty years ago. Now epidemiologist William Foege -- one of the leaders of that campaign -- has written a book about it. He's taking your questions in this Forum. more »


SETI: Searching the Skies for Signs of Life

Forum 37: Is it worth it to spend time and money scanning the universe for signals from an alien civilization? Discuss it with astronomer and SETI researcher Alan Penny. more »


Toilets: Clean Talk on a Dirty Subject

Forum 36: A third of the world does not have access to basic sanitation. How can we change that? Discuss with sanitation expert, Arno Rosemarin. more »


The Case for Eating Insects

Forum 35: Are insects the food of the future? Join our discussion with entomologist Arnold van Huis. more »


Predicting Bin Laden’s Whereabouts

Forum 34: Two years ago, geographer Thomas Gillespie tried to predict the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden using techniques borrowed from ecology. Learn more about his research in this online discussion. more »


Disorder Breeds Discrimination

Forum 33: Read our discussion with cognitive sociologist Siegwart Lindenberg. He says disordered surroundings encourage people to litter, steal, and discriminate against minorities. more »


Life and Work at the South Pole

Forum 32: Belgian astrophysicist Freija Descamps is spending the winter at the U.S. Amundsen-Scott research station in Antarctica. Read our discussion to learn about her life at the South Pole. more »

  Brian Atwater

Unearthing Ancient Tsunamis

Forum 31: Geologist Brian Atwater looks for evidence of ancient tsunamis hidden in the ground. Come discuss the history of tsunamis and how to protect against future ones. more »


Innovating Our Way to Prosperity

Forum 30: Chris Trimble teaches at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He says investments in science education alone won't guarantee economic growth. Read our conversation with Trimble. more »