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A Special Podcast on Music and its Origins

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It’s hard to imagine life without music. We turn to music for comfort. We celebrate and mourn with music. But how did music come to be such an important part of our lives?

This week, you’ll learn how music evolved since pre-historic times, and how it is wired in our brains. You can also bring your own question about the evolution of music and its effect on our brains to  The World Science Forum.

Your Brain on Music: I spoke with Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist at McGill University in Montreal, about music and its role in our lives. Levitin studies musical wiring in our brains and is the author of two books – This is Your Brain on Music and The World in Six Songs. He argues that music isn’t just a pastime or distraction, but a crucial element of our identity as a species.

Do you have a question about music’s role in our lives? You can bring that question to The World Science Forum. Daniel Levitin will be taking your comments and questions on the topic through January 1, 2010.

Guest: Daniel Levitin and Rosanne Cash.
What’s on Levitin’s i-pod?
Music on My Brain lecture at the Museum of Science in Boston. (Thanks to Bill Farrar and Joe Rivers, of the Museum of Science for providing us with audio from the Music on my Brain lecture)
Evolution of Music from the Music Council of Australia.
Musical Language on PRI’s Radio Lab.

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