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Amazon Atlases, Hot Weather and Tropical Conflicts

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This Week: I’m back from vacation, and podcasting from Boston again. We have a story about a collaboration between an indigenous villagers in Guyana and international scientists. A new study finds a correlation between weather patterns and conflict in the tropics. Also, the creationists of Galapagos islands.

Customizes Atlases of the Amazon: In the Amazon, scientists have teamed up with indigenous communities to create atlases that show how hunting and other activities affect the forest. Elsa Youngsteadt has the story from Guyana.
Read Elsa’s blog post about this research from February, 2011.

Hot Weather and Conflict in the Tropics: A new study has found a strong correlation between extreme hot and dry weather and conflict in the tropics. Host Marco Werman speaks with the study’s lead author, Solomon Hsiang, who looked back over more than 50 years of data on climate and conflict.

Creationists on the Galapagos Islands:The Galapagos Islands may have inspired Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution, but today they are inhabited largely by creationists. Tony Azios has the story.

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