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Tiny T. Rex, Low-Carbon World Tour, Iceland Buries CO2

T rex

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This week: Four stories on efforts to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. French President Nicholas Sarkozy wants to impose a carbon tax on French citizens to lower their carbon emissions. A Londoner takes off on a world tour in his green mobile home.  International entrepreneurs and government officials visit North Dakota to show people how to make money while shrinking their carbon footprint. And scientists are pumping carbon dioxide into rocks in Iceland, with hopes of keeping it there for the foreseeable future. But first, a new dinosaur fossil from Inner Mongolia.

Tiny T. Rex: Scientists have discovered a tiny version of Tyrannosaurus rex – the monster star of Jurassic Park. This new dinosaur, called Raptorex, was only about one percent as big as T. rex, but you still wouldn’t want to run into it. It had powerful jaws and strong legs suited for running down its prey. It roamed the earth about 125 million years ago, and its fossil was unearthed from a land of vast grasslands — Inner Mongolia.
: Paul Sereno, University of Chicago.
Video: “Bizarre Dinos,” which features this discovery, premieres Sunday, October 11 at 8 pm on the National Geographic Channel
Video: Paleontologist Paul Sereno discusses his new findings.

French Carbon Tax: French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to impose a carbon tax on households and businesses that emit greenhouse gases. But the French say they feel too taxed already.
Guest: Guillaume Debre, Washington correspondent, French TV Channel TF-1.

Climate Talks in North Dakota: Fighting climate change need not mean higher taxes and job losses. Many environmentalists argue it’s possible to make money by reducing one’s carbon footprint. Last month, a group of entrepreneurs and government representatives from around the world brought that message to an unlikely venue.
Report: By The World’s Jason Margolis in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Green Adventures: A former journalist turned eco-adventurer sets out on an ambitious world tour on a low-carbon budget.
Report: By The World’s Laura Lynch in London.
Follow the bio truck expedition online.

Burying CO2: One way to deal with excess carbon emissions could be to store CO2 underground. Many countries are investing in so-called carbon sequestration technologies. One of the most promising projects is based in Iceland.
Report: By Ashley Ahearn, outside Reykjavik, Iceland.

Music: Iceland, by The Faceless Orchestra.

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