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Science Week in Review: May 13, 2011

By David Baron

Blog 11: The World's Health & Science Editor David Baron offers some of his favorite stories of the past week. He also explains where the Hollywood star (at left) fits in. more »

Serengeti’s Conservation Battles, Whiskey Biofuel, Bacteria in Space

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 81: Controversy over proposal to build a road through Tanzania's Serengeti National Park. Scientists have made biofuel from whiskey byproducts. A newly found bacteria survived a year in space. more »

John Hughes RIP, sand dunes made of bacteria, and WE CARE’s solar suitcase

By Clark Boyd

[Technology Podcast 252: This week's podcast features a geek's audio tribute to John Hughes, the late director of "Weird Science." Also, we talk about a project to make thousand mile sand dunes with the help of bacteria. And we hear about the solar suitcase, a toolbox designed to greatly improve maternal care in the developing world. more »