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Amazon Atlases, Hot Weather and Tropical Conflicts

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 131: A collaboration between international scientists and an indigenous Amazonian group in Guyana. A new study finds hot weather correlated with conflict in the tropics. more »

Changing Antarctic Ecosystems, Paris’s Bushmeat Market

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 112: Rapidly changing climate is altering the Antarctic ecosystem. A bushmeat black market is thriving in Paris. Japan's nuclear crisis has led various countries to scrutinize nuclear safety. more »

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis, Ancient Tsunamis, Bushmeat in Ecuador

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 110: Japan is battling a nuclear emergency triggered by last Friday's earthquake. We learn about the history of tsunamis. Bushmeat trade is booming in an Ecuadorian rainforest. more »

Conservation and the Spirit World

By Elsa Youngsteadt

Blog 3: Contributor Elsa Youngsteadt blogs about surprising connections between the cultural practices of indigenous groups in South America and the conservation of game animals there. more »

CSI in 19th Century France, Bird-friendly Coffee

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 92: A grisly tale about a 19th century serial killer in France and the birth of modern forensic science. How coffee endangers songbirds. Also, join our online discussion on nuclear energy. more »

Potential Impact Crater, Suriname’s Rainforests, Serengeti Update

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 84: A potential impact crater in central Africa. Scientists oppose proposed plan to build road through Serengeti National Park. A South American country with highest percentage of rainforest cover. more »

John Vaillant’s ‘The Tiger,’ Protecting Wild Tigers, Wheat Genome

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 82: The true story of a tiger in the Russian far-east that killed a poacher for revenge. Efforts to save wild tigers from the brink of extinction. First draft sequences of wheat genome released. more »

Saving Wild Tigers

By John Seidensticker

Forum 20: Wild tigers are on the decline globally. Today there are less than 4000 of them in 13 countries. Can we save the last remaining tigers? We talk to tiger biologist, John Seidensticker. more »

Serengeti’s Conservation Battles, Whiskey Biofuel, Bacteria in Space

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 81: Controversy over proposal to build a road through Tanzania's Serengeti National Park. Scientists have made biofuel from whiskey byproducts. A newly found bacteria survived a year in space. more »

Whaling – Politics, Science & Ethics

By Stephen Palumbi

Forum 15: The International Whaling Commission is considering lifting a moratorium on commercial whaling. Marine biologist Stephen Palumbi says that might not be a good idea for endangered whale species. more »