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Science Week in Review: May 13, 2011

By David Baron

Blog 11: The World's Health & Science Editor David Baron offers some of his favorite stories of the past week. He also explains where the Hollywood star (at left) fits in. more »

Plato & Music, Hope for AIDS Prevention, Cassava Sting Operation

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 76: Plato's writings had a hidden musical structure. AIDS prevention efforts in Africa report some breakthroughs. Mounting an insect war to protect Thailand's cassava crops. more »

Tech Podcast 260: Promising AIDS vaccine, Embrace thermoregulator, and Scottish worms

By Clark Boyd

[Technology Podcast 260: The highlight of this week's podcast is a segment suggested by one of you, the tech podcast faithful. It's about the Embrace, a low-cost incubator that may help save the lives of premature and low birth weight babies in the developing world. Also, you'll hear about a promising AIDS vaccine trial. We end with Scottish earthworms,... more »

A DDT Controversy, Reforesting Ghana, Senegalese Healers

By admin

Podcast 26: Controversy over DDT and malaria in Uganda. Traditional healers upstage Western doctors in Senegal. Planting trees, to forestall climate change, in Ghana. more »

Lunar Landing Anniversary, Solar Eclipse, Chimpanzee AIDS

By admin

Podcast 24: Wild chimpanzees get AIDS. The 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, from a Russian perspective. Chinese culture and the solar eclipse. more »

A Swine Flu Special

By admin

Podcast 12: A Mexican hospital copes with swine flu, China tries to ward off the virus, and the U.S. remembers a 1976 outbreak. Plus dancing birds, asteroids, and dinosaurs. more »