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Alien Invaders, India Rethinks Nuclear Plans, Language Evolution

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 115: What makes some alien species good invaders? India rethinks its nuclear energy goals. First scientific evidence that language originated in Africa. more »

Bilingual Babies, Bringing Solar Power to Tanzania

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 108: Language learning in bilingual babies. Efforts to bring solar power to rural Tanzania. more »

The Bilingual Brain

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Blog 1: The World's science reporter Rhitu Chatterjee blogs about the neuroscience of bilingualism. more »

China’s Pork Boom, Evolutionary Roots of Language

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 88: China's growing appetite for pork has environmental costs. One scientist's search for the evolutionary roots of language. more »

Solar Flares & Northern Lights, Life in Space, Malaria Misdiagnoses

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 78: Solar flares are sending hot plasma towards the Earth. Life in space is boring and full of interpersonal-squabbles. Cases of ordinary fever are sometimes misdiagnosed as malaria. more »

Naming Planets in Hebrew, Toward Copenhagen, Mayan Daily Life

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 40: Danish Climate Minister on new climate treaty. The Israelis are trying to give Hebrew names to Uranus and Neptune. And environmentalists are trying to get wildlife of the Vietnamese menu. more »

Preventing Blindness, Clues to Bilingualism, Science in Singapore

By David Baron

Podcast 29: Fighting blindness in Ethiopia. Creating a science workforce for Singapore. Walking in circles in the woods. Plus: malaria, bilingualism, and a strange giant planet. more »

A Linguist’s Dream, Declining Wildlife, a Narcissistic World Leader

By admin

Podcast 15: A linguist’s dream study (deferred), a famed wildlife reserve suffers a decline, and psychoanalyzing a narcissistic world leader. more »