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Drought in East Africa, What Constitutes a famine? Saturn’s Storm

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 127: An update on the food crisis in East Africa. Why food security experts are cautious about declaring 'famine.' Saturn's Giant Northern Storm. An album called 'Planets.' more »

Voyager 1 Approaches Interstellar Space, Zombie Ladybugs

By Elsa Youngsteadt

Podcast 124: Launched in 1977, the Voyager 1 spacecraft approaches interstellar space. Parasitic wasp larvae turn host ladybugs into mindless zombie bodyguards. Music from the Himba group in Namibia. more »

Globalizing American Psyche, Reburying Copernicus

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 67: A West African community in New York deals with its mentally ill members. Author Ethan Watters argues America is exporting its notions of mental illnesses. Copernicus gets a reburial ceremony. more »

Bangladesh Protects Against the Sea, China Promotes Creativity

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 35: Bangladeshi farmers protect their land from rising sea levels. China promotes creativity. Queen Victoria's descendants had hemophilia B. Saturn's giant ring. more »