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Sweden’s File-Sharing Religion

By Clark Boyd

Technology Podcast 353: On this week's program, we hear about Sweden's newest legal religion. Kopimism enshrines the values of copying and sharing information, particularly online. Sweet faith or dangerous cult? Listen in and decide. more »

Toilets: Clean Talk on a Dirty Subject

By A_Rosemarin

Forum 36: A third of the world does not have access to basic sanitation. How can we change that? Discuss with sanitation expert, Arno Rosemarin. more »

Saving Lebanon’s Cedar Trees, Black Carbon & Climate Change

By Rhitu Chatterjee

Podcast 80: Efforts to save Lebanon's threatened cedar trees. Black carbon, a component of soot, is a potent climate warmer. Scientists have stumbled upon a rare magnetic star. more »

Tech Podcast 277: High-Tech Ski Treadmills, sOccket, and Pecha Kucha for Haiti

By Clark Boyd

Technology Podcast 277: This is no ordinary soccer ball. It's called sOccket, and it's got some tech inside that allows it to store up energy while it's being kicked around. After 15 minutes, the ball's stored up enough juice to power an LED light, or even charge up something else. Too cool. In this week's podcast, we'll talk to... more »

Dog Origins, DNA & Identity, Medical Isotope Shortage

By David Baron

Podcast 31: Were dogs domesticated for food? Papua New Guinea's bizarre creatures. Genes and human identity. And hospitals cope with a global shortage of medical isotopes. more »

Fusion Controversy, Radiocarbon Forensics, Tentacled Snakes

By admin

Podcast 19: A fight over nuclear fusion, nuclear residues ID the dead, sneaky tentacled snakes, a journalist comes down with swine flu, and a new find near Stonehenge. more »

Pirate Bay Founders in the Brig, Obama Tech Policy, and Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

By Clark Boyd

Technology Podcast 239: First, we look at the Swedish court ruling against the founders of The Pirate Bay. We have an explainer and analysis on that. Also, how is Barack Obama's embrace of new technologies during the campaign playing out now that his administration is in power? It's a mixed report card. And we end with a segment on... more »