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Crowdsourced Video Aids Computer Vision

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Download MP3 (23:27)This is Simon Akkermans, the C-Mon half of the Dutch progressive/soul/funk/hip-hop/electronica band C-Mon & Kypski. Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself a simple question. What is C-Mon doing in the show notes for a technology podcast? An excellent question! It turns out that C-Mon & Kypski recently decided to crowdsource the video for a track called “More is Less.” They asked fans to go to this website. From there, the band gives you one frame of the video to mimic. You take a snapshot of it with your webcam, and then submit it. Before you know it, your frame is added to the video. More than 30,000 people have tried it so far. The result?

Cool, right? But not just cool. Turns out that some computer scientists at New York University found out about the video, and started thinking that it might be a useful data set for teaching computers and webcams to “see” more like human beings. You’ll hear all about in WTP 330.

We’ve also got items on Syria’s E-Army, and on how cell phones might be opening up reclusive North Korea. Alex Gallafent, who has previously filled in as host of the Tech Podcast, has a great piece on some new machine translation tools being developed by the US military.

And we also have a report on a new kind of radio telescope that some European researchers are hoping to use to help find signals from alien civilizations. It’s called the Low Frequency Array, and astronomer Alan Penny is answering your questions about it in our World Science Forum, so we urge you to go over and check it out.

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