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Tech Podcast: Social networks past, present and future

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It looks like any other wedding, sure. But this one was entirely organized using social networking sites. In this case, the couple did it all using Facebook and Twitter. In this week’s episode of The World’s Technology Podcast, we’ll have the first two parts of a special new BBC series called “The Secret History of Social Networking.” Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones explores the history of socnets, and where they might be headed in the future. We’ll also have an interview with author and professor Clay Shirky, who will tell us about what he thinks social networks can and can’t do.

Also in episode 316, we’ll take a trip back in time to America’s first “Sputnik moment.” And, if you’d like to hear more about Sputnik II and Laika, the world’s first cosmo-dog to orbit the earth, then take a listen to this special episode of WTP from 2007.

But, no matter what we type, no matter what stories we tell you about, we know you’re here because I mentioned polar bears with spycams. So, here they are.

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