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The Kiira: Uganda’s Electric Car

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This is the Kiira, an electric vehicle that has been built and successfully tested by professors and students at Makerere University in Uganda. They’ve been working on it since about 2009. Most of the parts were built in Uganda, and the car was assembled there. Some are hailing it as proof that African science and technology is pushing forward at a rapid rate. Others…are not so sure it was money well spent. Listen in to episode 346, and you can decide for yourself. You’ll hear from some of those involved in the project.

The Kiira is one of three stories from Africa on the podcast this week. We’ll also bring you a story about the arrival of a new fiber optic cable in Liberia, and what it might mean for Internet access, and the country’s economy. The third story is about a unique project for recycling plastic bottles in Nigeria. How so? Well…how about using them to build a house. Yep, a house.

We’ll also talk about how a US company’s products have been implicated in Syria’s net crackdown, and in Burma as well. And you’ll hear about Instant WILD, a phone and web app that allows you to help scientists discover new animal species.

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3 Responses to “The Kiira: Uganda’s Electric Car”

  1. [...] road in Uganda and I was the one driving it. It was quite fulfilling,” said Musasizi during aradio interview with The World. Musasizi and his team spent two years building the car with mostly local [...]

  2. Sarah

    As a Ugandan, l am extremely proud that something positive and innovative is being published from my birth country(an electric car prototype!!!!). I get SO TIRED of reading about only negative news by western media. Whether “money well spent” or not will eventually come out but new innovations have to start somewhere.
    You Go Ugandan scientists.

  3. arsema

    It is good news to hear abt the continent of Africa. Makerere, you rock!

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