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The Space Junk Scourge

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Wow, and you thought your street looked bad? Check out this NASA CGI rendering of the amount of debris and junk floating around the earth. A new study done by the National Research Council, and funded by NASA, has concluded that space junk has reached a “tipping point.” There’s so much of it now that collisions could be continual, fragmenting the debris even further and making the problem worse. Rockets, and potential passengers, the report concludes, are in danger. In this episode of The World’s Technology Podcast, We’ll hear from Darren McKnight, who was involved with the study. How much junk is there? How could it be cleaned up, and most critically, who will be responsible for the clean-up? Listen in and find out.

UPDATE: A listener has already informed me that I had some dodgy conversion math when I said 300 meters equals 900 yards. It’s 900 feet, of course. Duh.

Also in this episode, the BBC’s Lucy Williamson explores the ways South Korea is trying to tackle Internet addiction. And you’ll hear about an augmented reality app that gives you a glimpse of what the border between North and South Korea would look like without the DMZ.

Finally, journey with us to the Netherlands to hear about PlantLab, a company that feels that nature only gets in the way of plants growing to their full potential. The company wants to completely change the way we grow, sell, and consume our fruits and veggies.

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